Nr 5

Long time, no thoughts.
SKV has had  the main show in Simmatorp and it was marvelous to experience that many Vallhunds and their owners in the same place! And to meet people IRL who you have been in contact with via e-mail or on the phone. It makes a difference! It makes you happy and warm at heart.

Some disappointments thought: there were lotteries, but we never noticed any draw. The draw might have been during the break – when we went to the toilet to avoid missing any dogs in the show-ring. Or are the winners to be presented on SKV’s website? A lottery without a draw does not feel very funny and I don’t feel like buying any tickets next time.
Something about the show in itself. When a judge has to judge a number of breeds in one day I can understand if he mixes things up, even if it is not acceptable, but when a judge has one single breed to judge he ought to know what is written in the Standard. To comment the TAIL on each nd every dog makes me wonder if he really IS that stupid or if he had only one too many the night before or if he was not feeling very well.
All in all I donä’t regret for a moment that we went to Simmatorp. We will be at more SKV-shows when we have the opportunity.

Some time ago I was told I was an idiot to read blogs as they per se are bullshit. How do you know that without having read a great number of them? How can you reneralize lika that? Of course thera are differences in quality in cyberspace just as there is beween books, films and many othe things. But you can take an active part in making a blog interesting or awful. I can, with the permission of the owner, initiate or participate in interesting discussions. Even if I dislike a person I might not dislike everything that person stands for. Why not take a chance on som exchanging of ideas? I might learn something and/or get wiser as a result…

Brandy (Rätt O Slätts Noella Näckros) is not with us anymore. She was only 6 years old. after a great number of examinations and tests they found out that the reason for her ailing was a severe rheumatism! As there is no cure and the pain relief didn’t work she was put to sleep. It is a tragedy, but life isn’t fair and there are always exceptions – someone who is affected by illness exceptionally early.
ONE dog has been affected. Please, please, please SKV don’t start any large-scale screening for rheumatism!

Nr 6

A dog/pack of dogs can mean so very much! When my husband Rune was ill Tuva spent much time with him and as long as he could move he always reached out to pat the dog coming to him.
                          Tuva vaktar husse red
And then Rune left us forever and life became so much sadder, cheerless. On the night after the funaral as I was in bed crying Ville got up, licked away the tears and then went to sleep again. So considarate and kind, without making any show of it. Mornings when I don’t want to get up the dogs nag at me ”Mom it’s time to get up, come outdoors with us!” till I give in. They surround me and show in every possible way that I am important to them.
Without them I had not been able to endaevour everyday life. I really can’t afford to live with them. What can I do? There have been suggestions that I could reduce the number of dogs. But I cannot take a stand gainst any of them. Each and eveyone has his/her own personallity with deep roots in my heart. If one dog should go away it must be because that dog could get a better life that way. Rune used to say that it was enough with two (or three) dogs but when I asked him which one we were to sell he said no to each name put to him – so five it was anyway. And that is the way it will remain as long as the dogs are comfortable in the pack and both they and I shall live. (After more than two years it still hurts to write about it.)

Nr 7

If one could be wise after the event – in advance!
The last two weeks have been filled with worries. All started off great with Bea giving birth to her litter without any help. One stillborn pup but eight living beautiful pups born altering boy and girl. On Sunday Bea peed oceans, she was panting and shivering so Monday morning I called the vet who told me to bring a specimen of urine. Tuesday afternoon i got the results: everything was normal ant the only possibility the vet could thin of was eclampsia… Even more worried I called the clinic in Nybro on Wedensday morning and got a time fast to see a vet. She took blood samples, X-rays, checked the milk, her temperature, heart-lungs and so on. As the most reasonable explanation for Bea’s trouble was tha she had some infection she got mild antibiotics.

On Thursday morning Golda was dead in the pup’s box. She had lost weight the first few days and had only gained 22 grams in five days so it wasn’t surprising even if I felt sad.
On Friday morning Vigdis was dead in the pup’s box. She had gained weight ok so that was a shock for me. A new call to Ann-Charlotte in Nybro and a new visit. New blood samples, a check-up on Bea and the pups without getting ay answers. Ann-Charlotte called Läckeby to discuss the case with three different vets there and we decided that hte best thin was to keep Bea at home, continue the medication and make a new check-up after the week-end.
On Sunday morning nothing much happened except that Bea had a nose-bleeding once. I reported that when I got back to Nybro on Monday (bringing a new specimen of urine) which made Ann-Charlotte want to know her blood-pressure and test her coagulation. That implied use of tools not present in Nybro but she managed to get us a time to see the medical chief vet in time for us to make the trip. Even though ther was no time for it Annika managed to sqeezw in an ultra-sound as well. It showed nothing whick was a blessing. The tests showed that Bea doesn’t concentrate her urine, that her blood-pressure is normal but that one of the factors controlling the coagulation was out of ragne. But nothing pointing in the directin of diabetes  it can all be results of the infection. As the pups are so young we could change to a more potent antibiotic. And I was instructed to put salt on BEa’s food as she loses salt peeing so much.
On Friday we had the next appointment to see if the changes of treatment had given any reaults. Now both the coagulatin factors were normal to my surprise as she had had nose-bleedings once a day since Sunday. The urine is not as concentrated as it should be, but definitely better than last Monday. (I don’t kow about the Monday before as that vet never checked the concentration!) Bea is not panting any more and the shivering has stopped. That indicates that we are going in the right direction. A new specimen of urine will be delivered next week to the clinic in Nybro.
So what has all this to do with the headline? Well, during the last part of her pragnancy Bea peed often and much and frequently in the house. I recalled how bad I needed to go to the toilet when the belly was filled with a baby and wrote it down to her big belly. She wanted to be close to me but was just as spirited and happy as usual. When I now see this period in the rear-mirrot I am convinced tht Bea already had this infection. Maybe that was the cause of teh deaths of Mario, Golda and Vigdis. The remaining pups were probably stronger and they got antibiotics in the milk!
IF I had reacted the week befor the birth (and called the right vet) Bea could have had her treatment earlier and maybe Mario, Golda and Vigdis hade lived. That would have meant a litter of nine – something I didn’t want because of the pressure on BEa. But Bea would not have been so long without treatment and I had not been in so much worry. The worry is still there but it is not as intense. And I know that if needed Ann-Charlotte and Annika are doing everything to help Bea to recover. I cannot ask for more.