Divina Comedia-litter


Dante A

Everyone gets to see the mother but the father should be honoured too. That’s why the litter got its name from the most famous work by Dante Alighierei (1265-1321).


Pappa Dante              Mamma Tuva
Sire:  Skogbygdens Dante Kaxig                        Dam:  Lill-Tegens Tuva Tusensköna

The first one to be born was Dante’s guide through hell – Vergilius. Pup number two was a bitch and of course she got the name of Dante’s beloved – Beatrice. As number three a big red boy was born  – Nimrod, ”a mighty hunter before the Lord”. The last one was Epikuros. He just dropped out as the others were eating from their mother.

It has happened that all of them have been here as grown dogs 🙂

Alla fem S

                              Hela kullen S

                                                                Utsikt från garaget var