Kopparås Rafael

Rafael 8 S
DOB October 3rd 2015
moved to Malle & Alfred Friman March 13th 2017

Far Ragnar      Mor Nanna
Sire: Kopparås Ragnar                                   Dam: Kopparås Nanna

December 13th 2015 I attended a västgötaspets party at Kopparås – an event for SKV. They had three charming young boys and I found Rafael very attractive. But my plans were that my next dog should come from Jeanne’s litter when she was old enough. 
Back home I could not help thinking that Rafael and Jeanne would be a very nice combination. The only way to secure that possibility was to buy him. On top of that he might be a nice addition to the breeding as he is from a line of not too common dogs. The question was – would I be accepted as a buyer? I asked and got a yes! So on January 10th I returned to Kopparås and went back home the next day with Rafael in my car 🙂  

You can’t win anything withour buying a ticket. This time a drew a blank in regard to my purpose – getting a nice litter from Rafael and Jeanne. Jeanne’s weak spot is that she is just a little long. Rafael grew into a long male. So my plans failed. To keep Rafael had been unfair to him as he would have been the “extra-dog”. He is a super boy – cuddly, happy to work, filled with joy of life, simply gorgeous! He deserves to be in the center and thus he has got a family of his own.